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I am grateful for the journey,

For sacrifice given freely, no strings.

For joy. For tears. For healing. For rest. 

For forgiveness,



I am grateful for the knowing.

When we allow it, we are love.

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Thank you.

I used to view the end of a friendship as a failure.

I’d berate myself, believing I didn’t care enough to stick it out, to work through the problem.

Now, I see it differently. When a friendship ends, it is because what we were meant to learn from each other is finished. Letting go with a loving heart is a success.

The good-bye is temporary anyway.

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Faith Nudge

Last week I gave God a little up-date on what’s been going on. Yeah, I know. God knows everything. But sometimes I forget that, and start thinking I’m in charge.

Nearing the end of the Spring Semester, there is a glitch on the launching pad. With four classes to take this summer before finishing, I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen. You know…money-wise. Which gave me a slight panicky feeling in the pit.

So, I  remind God. About, you know. Money. Continue reading

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