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Still Learning

Last month, my daughter was excited to tell me she’d ordered a free bumper sticker for me: “Legalize Love.” Awesome, I thought. Love everyone enough to want health care available to all.

Wake up sleepy head. That’s not what it means.

All people, regardless of their sexual orientation, should have the right to marry.

Oh. Hang on a second. Sure, I believe it. But do I believe it enough to be brave enough to put that pronouncement on my car? Don’t I get tailgated enough as it is?

Roll back the clock a few years. As a passionate follower of Christianity, I became a member of an organization that makes this claim on its website:  “Aglow is a dynamic, global organization made up of women and men with a single purpose: to see God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven through prayer, local groups, events and outreaches.”

Sounds okay, doesn’t it? A group of caring people who want love to make the decisions?

I left that religion’s belief system ages ago, but earlier this month the alarm clock sounded; I learned I was still on Aglow’s mailing list. I responded to the author of the following email and was going to let it go at that, but I’ve made this blog a vehicle to share who I am and what I believe.

This is no time to be chicken. Where the heck is that mail carrier with my sticker?

(You are so cool, Cara.)

Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 16:05:15 -0400
Subject: Urgent prayer request for the Southeast Region
From: joygreenseregion@gmail.com
To: (This was left blank, so I guess it’s to everyone?)

Dear Southeast Regional leaders,

Urgent prayer needed for this country! Come with clean hands and a pure heart to pray. We war not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. Today is a day to rise up and pray for Chick-fil-a and to decree over our nation:

1. We decree that God will shut the gates to the enemy in this nation, in Jesus name.

2. Let the fire of God invade every organized strategy of the demonic world in this nation today, in Jesus name.

3. We send confusion and fire into every satanic gathering in this nation today, in Jesus name

4. We command the church to rise up and declare that the gates of hell will not prevail against it, in Jesus name.

5. We arrest every perverse spirit that is operating in this nation and we command them to bow to the name of Jesus.

6. We shut down every satanic assault and assignment against this nation now, in Jesus name.

7. We plead the blood of Jesus against every spirit of contamination that is attempting to invade our nation, in Jesus name.

8. We send the fire of God to consume the plans of the enemy and destroy every evil altar that he is attempting to build in this nation, in Jesus name

9. Arise oh God and let our enemies be scattered, in Jesus name.

10. We bind every power and principality that is legislating in the atmosphere and loose the power and presence of God, in every city, in Jesus name!

11. We command every satanic gathering to disband as we send the fire of God and confusion into the camp of the enemy, in Jesus name!

12. Let the fire go before us, burn and destroy all the enemies of this nation, in Jesus name!

13. We loose the presence of God into the atmosphere of this nation, in Jesus name!

14. We open the gates for the King of glory to enter in, in Jesus name!

Thank you for standing in the gap for this nation,

God bless,

U.S. Director S.E. Region

Aglow International

P.O. Box 3295

Brandon, FL 33509

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Faith Nudge

Last week I gave God a little up-date on what’s been going on. Yeah, I know. God knows everything. But sometimes I forget that, and start thinking I’m in charge.

Nearing the end of the Spring Semester, there is a glitch on the launching pad. With four classes to take this summer before finishing, I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen. You know…money-wise. Which gave me a slight panicky feeling in the pit.

So, I  remind God. About, you know. Money. Continue reading

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Reality Bite

In 1988 I worked nights as a data entry clerk for the Internal Revenue Service in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was boring work. It didn’t help that I didn’t sleep very well while Ryan was in kindergarten. I was tired most of the time. Although I didn’t like the job, I thought I was lucky to have it. We had one car: my old Chevy, and Tom needed that to commute to New York during the day.

Driving home one night in late February, I cranked the radio to stay awake. It had rained earlier. A thin sheet of ice covered the road. The highway was salted, but I skidded on the exit ramp. Continue reading

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One Last Lesson From My Mother

Most of us have one person who has influenced our life more than any other. For me that person was my mother, who gave me the greatest gift one person can give another—a renewed faith in God.

Over the years, my mother and I shared a number of disagreements:

  • The critical nature of house-cleaning schedules—
  • The “truth” of Catholicism—
  • What “lady-like” means–  
  • The discipline of only buying things on sale.

But we shared a lot of the same beliefs, even if we weren’t able to exhibit them perfectly:

  • It is better to be kind than to be correct—
  • Don’t judge, or you’ll find yourself in the position of the judged soon enough—
  • Have the courage to do the right thing—
  • Nothing is as important as love.

Mom was a teacher by trade and by avocation. In her passion she enriched her student’s lives, including mine, in unexpected ways. Continue reading

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