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For You, M.P.

My life isn’t perfect, but I get help when I need it. After searching for solutions to the impossible, looking left, right, north, south and coming up empty–some miracle happens. Manna from heaven falls knee deep, and I stand there, stunned. Sometimes it takes me hours, weeks, years, to realize I have been helped. That’s the real gift: knowing I am not alone. I am loved.

One dismal March afternoon in 1998 as I drove along along Route 97 in upstate New York, I thought about my plight. Shackled to a man whose mental illness had sucked me dry, I half-believed his lies. Continue reading

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Reality Bite

In 1988 I worked nights as a data entry clerk for the Internal Revenue Service in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was boring work. It didn’t help that I didn’t sleep very well while Ryan was in kindergarten. I was tired most of the time. Although I didn’t like the job, I thought I was lucky to have it. We had one car: my old Chevy, and Tom needed that to commute to New York during the day.

Driving home one night in late February, I cranked the radio to stay awake. It had rained earlier. A thin sheet of ice covered the road. The highway was salted, but I skidded on the exit ramp. Continue reading

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