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One Last Lesson From My Mother

Most of us have one person who has influenced our life more than any other. For me that person was my mother, who gave me the greatest gift one person can give another—a renewed faith in God.

Over the years, my mother and I shared a number of disagreements:

  • The critical nature of house-cleaning schedules—
  • The “truth” of Catholicism—
  • What “lady-like” means–  
  • The discipline of only buying things on sale.

But we shared a lot of the same beliefs, even if we weren’t able to exhibit them perfectly:

  • It is better to be kind than to be correct—
  • Don’t judge, or you’ll find yourself in the position of the judged soon enough—
  • Have the courage to do the right thing—
  • Nothing is as important as love.

Mom was a teacher by trade and by avocation. In her passion she enriched her student’s lives, including mine, in unexpected ways. Continue reading

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