Evening walk by the river; joyful 4-year-old challenges grandma to join the trio of joggers.

Then a spill, a scraped knee. Mommy piggy-backs the last mile to the car.

Home again, to a place I don’t own: perfect anyway.

I chop celery and onion for tuna salad. A is showered, nestled in bed. The music of his mother’s bed time story drifts into the kitchen, “The cochlea…the tiny bones inside the ear drum…” C in her room, chuckling over something she’s read online.

I shake my head in wonder; look up from the Vidalia. I am living the life of my dreams. The clean, calm peace of a Sunday evening. No one is angry. No one has secrets. No one thinks I should be something I am not. I steady myself against the counter and whisper my thanks. And wonder how I got here from there.


8 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Single says:

    You got there by being the person that you are and leading a life that starts every day with love.

  2. Beautiful. Full, rich, calm and complete.
    Days like this are the stuff of a blessed life.

  3. KM Huber says:

    Meant to get here before now to tell you how I much I enjoyed this post. It is such a beautiful rendering of a moment, a day, a life. We are all richer for reading your words. Beautiful, Deb.

  4. Anette says:

    Ditto to post by Single, my special friend. You have a heart of gold & always go above & beyond with compassion. Feel blessed knowing you.

  5. deb reilly says:

    Anette, a woman who gives selflessly of her time, energy and boundless kindness. ❤

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