I Can Do That!

Yesterday I sludged through the day wearing waders, up to my chest in quicksand, mind racing.

I love this job I am so lucky to have. It’s paying the bills and then some. The work is meaningful. But I’m six months in and still feel like a novice much of the time. Last night I found myself awake, staring out a dark window, reminding myself of what had to be done today–phone calls, emails, reports, field work. How to fix the mistakes I made last week. Thinking I should be working right now.

This morning it dawned on me. The problem is not the job. It’s not any of the stuff I’ve been blaming this stress on. The problem is still me forgetting that it is not my job to be perfect at anything. It is my job to do the best I can while being as grateful as I can. Oh, yeah. I can do that.


10 thoughts on “I Can Do That!

  1. Single says:

    Right on Sistah!
    Ask yourself every day, “Am I kind, am I a good person? Anything you do after that is icing on the cake.”

  2. Daniela says:

    Of course you can -:)!

  3. KM Huber says:

    As always, you see right through. You go, girl!

    • deb reilly says:

      Karen, like Anette, you are so kind. I think it’s more like the “hovering angels” are shouting at me, “Wake up! Wake up! Remember what you (and everyone else) have always known!”

  4. Anette says:

    Amazing insight, as always, GF:) Never a novice with your life experiences,knowledge, and kindest heart.

  5. Hi Deb,

    That’s a great awareness which, I am sure, should support you in your job going forward.
    Apart from this “perfectionism” belief you speak of, the other thing is to get more and more confident of what you are doing. This would come from Training, Coaching and Practice. How do you see yourself in each of these initiatives?


  6. The four most powerful words: I Can Do That.
    Competence creates genuine confidence, and the first step is believing you CAN do something.

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