Afraid. Cold. Hungry.

Is our civilization based on an energy supply?

Is abundance the only thing that prevents us from unraveling to anarchy?

What must life be like for people who are afraid, cold and hungry week after week, year after year?

Keone Singlehurst of the Rockaways byMark Morales/New York Daily News



8 thoughts on “Afraid. Cold. Hungry.

  1. christine kudulis says:

    In our civilization, money is energy, and this is what it is based upon. When money loses its value, there will be some anarchy. I don’t want to know what life is like being hungary, cold and afraid for a minute, not just years. On this planet, this is the condition many people live under and only a complete paradigm shift will change things. Hopefully our choices will spare us from that karma.

  2. Diane says:

    sometimes i wonder if they’re being looked down upon – or those gazing wish to be shielded from what they do not want to admit ‘is’ or can be.

    Fear. They fear 1) becoming like… 2) not engaging in fixing the issue 3) being viewed as unhelpful by peers.

    and while being cold, hungry, fearful in the immediate is about the physical disruption from this storm – there are those who are same in an emotional, mental state (perhaps from abuse or from lack of socialization, or trauma of sorts) that live without knowing the safety of community.

    Community – the thread that saves lives more than anything else.

    that’s where I believe we need to improve our lot in a world-sense.

    (Plus watching armegeddon preppers on tv is still all about ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ and I think that’s an unwise way to ‘save’ yourself.)

    • deb reilly says:

      Right, Diane! I believe we were one and knew it before we got here. We’ll know it when we leave. If I’m all about mememe, I have no hope of peace or happiness.

  3. Diane says:

    Morning Deb,
    I hope we can modify that feeling of no hope. Thinking back on darkest hours and such, I am still here – as are you. You have worked through and found reasons to carry on. I hope you find same this time around.

    I know this is pollyanna-ish – I don’t mean it to be. I was surprised at your 7:09 post.


    • deb reilly says:

      Hi Diane. I said If I’m all about mememe…

      I’m all about hope and change. 😉 Clearly, the world has and always will move in a direction of unity and peace. But we get sidetracked when we believe there is someone who deserves blame. When someone deserves less. Or that we are superior.

      If Hope wasn’t in charge, I doubt any of us would still be here.


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