From Zen in the Art of Writing


“If you’re not happy with the way your writing has gone, you might give my method a try.

                        If you do, I think you might easily find a new definition for work.

                                                 And the word is LOVE.”                            

                                                                               Ray Bradbury

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7 thoughts on “Zen

  1. rogueme says:

    Hi Deb, Zen in the Art of Writing is one of my favorite Bradbury books. Ray is, was, and forever shall be my favorite writer. Thank you for this reminder of one of the reasons I love Ray Bradbury. He speaks to me and I resonate with his words! 🙂

    • deb reilly says:

      I didn’t read Zen until last year after a classmate recommended it. I picked it up last night because I needed a little of it to remind me of what is important, and what a true heart can accomplish.

      Thanks for the comment, Mike.

  2. KM Huber says:

    Just dropping by to say hello; hope all is well with you. I remember your thoughtfulness during my “hiatus.”


    • deb reilly says:

      Thanks, Karen. Nothing terrible…laptop screen went, so I’m hooked up to the TV until the new one arrives.

      Summer “A” is complete and in the throes of my second summer semester of Spanish. What made me think I could learn a language in 12 weeks without losing lots of sleep?!

      I hope you’re feeling well and have enjoyed some of this beautiful sunshine!


  3. Daniel Bean says:

    I love this quote. I’m going to have to read the book now.

  4. ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING is one of my favorite books. Whenever I–or my students–needed to jump start writing, we used “Writing on a Dime,” based on Ray Bradbury’s technique of using an electric typewriter (once he put in the dime he typed without stopping or editing; he just wrote). Thanks for reminding me of the Big Picture, the love.

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