Synchronistic Beauty Bombs

Synchronistic Beauty-Bombs

A few days ago my friend Anette brought up the subject of “synchronicity,” the notion popularized by Carl Jung which explains the lovely “co-incidences” life tosses us with odds too spectacular to be coincidences.

My friendship with Anette is a perfect example. Just over a year ago I had a conversation with a mentor about the idea of returning to school. “I think I’m too old, though,” I whined, fishing for encouragement.

“You’re never too old,” she said. “I know someone who is older than you are, and she’s determined to get her Master’s. If you want to do it, you should do it.”

So I apply. And I’m admitted.

And two months later I’m a little early for my first class at UCF, and choose a seat behind an attractive woman about my age. We strike up a conversation. And guess what? She is the determined woman who helped inspire me to get back in school! And we become good friends. Coincidence?

Now take today. This morning I’m talking with a friend who asks me how school is going. “Good,” I say, “but I’m thinking about switching my focus from psychology to writing, because I really like it.”

He shoots me a look that says: Are you delusional? And I know what’s coming next.

“Oh. Have you been published?”

A faltering response is on the tip of my tongue.

Oh, well…not yet.

How many times have I bought into that mentality, the notion that unless I’ve been published, I’ve got an inflated ego or crazy to imagine myself being that talented? This time I say, “I’m not published yet. But I’m a good writer and I will be eventually.”

Okay, back to the synchronistic element…

I come home and happen on Wounded, a lovely poem by Michael Ray King. Check out Mike’s reading here: Wounded.

What matters is who we believe we are. If we wait for someone else to recognize our talent before we allow ourselves to trust it, we may end up waiting forever.

So don’t.

Don’t listen to that whiny little voice that demands you believe a lie. Because you are good enough. You have the right. You have the beauty and the power and the talent.

So try. And in the trying you will happen upon the most precious gift you have been given: a lightness, a connection to the Divine that will make you fall in love with life again and again and again.

Notice the synchronistic beauty bombs that have been dropping on your head all along. They are the proof you’ve been longing for. You are loved. You are worthy. And you are more than good enough.


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11 thoughts on “Synchronistic Beauty Bombs

  1. Cara says:

    Lovely, insightful, and inspiring.

  2. Anette says:

    My beauty bomb writer friend will be a huge success.

    School to further develop your writing ability sounds like a good move, especially with your unique talent. You will make a huge difference in the lives others through your writing as opposed to working with only the few as a social worker.

    You go girl:) We will all be cheering you along the way.

  3. matchpenalty says:

    You write really well and compellingly already; going to school will only help to refine your work. I can’t wait to read more!

  4. rogueme says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Where did that post about the “No More Snooze Alarm” go? That is one incredible post! I LOVED it – and not just because you mentioned me in it. The blog is extremely well-written and very inspirational!

    • debreilly says:

      Auugghh. Mini-breakdown. I just read a blog that advised not to go over 600 words, and that one was around 1200. As I looked it over again, it seemed long-winded. Self-doubt made me delete and cut, cut, cut. The trimmings are lost to cyberspace. Thank you so much for the kind words, Mike. I think I need to join your group!

      • rogueme says:

        I give a cursory nod to what people say about length these days. Some make sense. Others…I wonder. My feeling is that if you have a reader hooked, if you’re really in your groove writing, readers actually want more. But, that said, I often go back and shorten and tidy up because once I hit a writing stride, I can get wordy. I loved the original. Your edits look good and I believe you still carry what you wrote the first time. Just remember, there are no blog police out there. When you write something with passion and a great voice (which you did), there is no need to second-guess yourself. Go back and clean up your blogs as you determine clean up is needed. I’ve been told this many times and did not listen (fully) for years, “Your writing is strong, it owns an excellent voice – have confidence in it.” From experience, easier said than done. Great, great blog post. I will be passing it along to my peeps!

      • Eden says:

        Some blogs recommend shorter posts, but usually those advocate every day posting as well. And some advocate longer posts (the actual analytics seem to suggest that longer posts get more repeat readers than short posts), but spacing them out.

        What matters most, I suspect, is that you write in a way that gives your readers a chance to connect with you.

  5. debreilly says:

    Thanks! I’ll remember the “Blog Police” comment, and remember to stay away from the delete button until the “Oh, God, I really suck,” voice calms herself the heck down so I see with clear eyes.

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